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ToonMedia takes its responsibilities toward society seriously, engaging in extensive international education, community aid, arts and culture programs with pioneer & esteemed organization 'Nele' which has experimented on a novel idea of providing a shelter and nurturing the growth of the child at the same time inculcating cultural values in these children. Nele seeks to help children help themselves. Nele is a hope to these children to join the mainstream and contribute to the society and nation. Nele's vision is to ensure physical, mental and moral soundness and well-being of the homeless children.
Why Nele?
Nearly 80,000 rag pickers and street children live in Bangalore alone.
These kids lack the support and the environment, and samskara that a normal kid gets at home.
As responsible citizens, we could step in and embrace these children and help them lead a life that we dream for our children.
These children too are citizens of our society and could contribute to the progress and glory of our land, if given an opportunity.
We aim at providing the following to street children
Creating a safe physical environment.
Fulfill the basic needs of children.
Aid cognitive development and learning.
Prepare them to leverage future opportunities.
Socio-emotional development of these children.
You can also get involve in this social program....................
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