ToonMedia also offers specialized skill enhancement training in IT and Japanese language, catering to individuals who are looking to enhance their skills and qualifications. The training programs are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of learners, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Here's an overview of the training services offered by ToonMedia:


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Business Consulting

ToonMedia offers business consulting services to companies looking to expand their operations, enter new markets, or establish partnerships in India or Japan. The consulting team provides strategic guidance, market research, business planning, and customised solutions to help clients navigate both countries' cultural, regulatory, and market dynamics.

Cross-Cultural Communication

ToonMedia assists companies and individuals in overcoming cultural barriers and improving cross-cultural communication between India and Japan. The consulting team provides training programs, workshops, and coaching sessions that enhance cultural sensitivity, effective communication, and intercultural collaboration.

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Market Entry Strategies
ToonMedia supports companies in formulating market entry strategies for entering the Indian or Japanese market. The consulting team conducts market research, competitor analysis, and feasibility studies to guide clients in understanding consumer preferences, market trends, and regulatory frameworks. They provide insights and recommendations for successful market entry and localization.

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Localization and Adaptation
ToonMedia helps companies localize their products, services, and marketing materials to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the Indian and Japanese markets. The consulting team provides expertise in cultural adaptation, brand positioning, and communication strategies to ensure effective engagement with the target audience.
Cultural Integration and Training
ToonMedia assists companies in fostering a culture of inclusivity and understanding when working with cross-cultural teams or managing multicultural work environments. The consulting team offers training programs on cultural integration, diversity management, and leadership development to promote harmonious and productive collaborations.

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Partner Identification and Facilitation
ToonMedia helps companies in identifying potential partners, distributors, suppliers, or investors in India or Japan. The consulting team leverages its extensive network and market knowledge to connect clients with suitable business opportunities and facilitate introductions for collaboration.
Talent Acquisition and Management
ToonMedia provides talent acquisition and management solutions for companies seeking skilled professionals or cross-cultural talent from India or Japan. The consulting team assists in recruitment, talent assessment, and HR strategies to build effective teams and enhance workforce diversity.
Government Relations and Policy Advisory
ToonMedia offers advisory services on government relations, policy advocacy, and regulatory compliance in both India and Japan. The consulting team helps clients navigate the legal and regulatory frameworks, engage with government authorities, and stay updated on policy changes that impact their business operations.
Consulting expertise
By providing comprehensive consulting services, ToonMedia facilitates successful interactions, collaborations, and business ventures between companies and individuals from India and Japan. The consulting expertise enables clients to navigate the complexities of cross-cultural business environments and seize opportunities for growth and innovation.
Management Consultancy

Holistic Management Consultancy offers comprehensive services to assist Japanese companies in establishing their presence in India. With a focus on providing experience, expertise, and contacts, Holistic Management Consultancy supports Japanese companies throughout the entire process, from legal registration to post-legal compliance. Here's an overview of the services provided
Holistic Management Consultancy guides Japanese companies through the legal registration process in India. This includes assistance with company incorporation, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, and ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws.
We conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and ethical practices, building trust and maintaining the highest standards of integrity.
Holistic Management Consultancy helps Japanese companies set up their offices in India. This includes identifying suitable office spaces, negotiating lease agreements, and coordinating the setup of necessary infrastructure and utilities. They also provide support in obtaining business licenses and registrations required for operating in India.
Holistic Management Consultancy assists Japanese companies in hiring the right talent for their Indian operations. They provide support in recruitment, selection, and onboarding processes. Additionally, they offer payroll services, ensuring compliance with Indian labour laws, managing salary disbursements, and handling taxation and social security contributions.
Holistic Management Consultancy provides accounting and financial services to Japanese companies. This includes maintaining financial records, preparing financial statements, managing bookkeeping, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards and tax regulations in India. They also offer financial consulting and advisory services to support strategic decision-making.
Holistic Management Consultancy helps Japanese companies stay compliant with legal and regulatory requirements in India. They assist with ongoing compliance activities, such as filing annual returns, conducting statutory audits, and fulfilling corporate governance obligations. They also provide guidance on changes in legal and regulatory frameworks and help companies adapt accordingly.
Holistic Management Consultancy leverages its network and business contacts to connect Japanese companies with relevant stakeholders in India. This includes introductions to government agencies, industry associations, potential clients, and other business partners. They facilitate networking opportunities to support the growth and expansion of Japanese companies in the Indian market.

Holistic Management Consultancy aims to simplify the process of establishing Japanese companies in India by providing a holistic range of management consultancy services. Their experience, expertise, and comprehensive support help Japanese companies navigate the legal, administrative, and operational aspects of setting up and managing their operations in India, ensuring a smooth and successful entry into the Indian market.